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Family calling at Healthe Care

For the Mereau family it appears that healthcare is a family calling, especially at Healthe Care.

Healthe Care is well and truly a family calling for the Mereau family, with 18-year-old Evan Mereau now following closely in his father’s footsteps.

Evan who is currently an Operations Assistant at Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital has high hopes of pursuing a career in health, with a view to become an Anaesthetist.

He recently completed high school and said he couldn’t imagine a better start to a healthcare career, with plans to start a Nursing degree later in the year.

“I’ve always had a passion for medicine and a curiosity about health in general which I’m sure is in part due to my dad sharing his passion and insights with me,” Evan said.

“Getting exposure to procedures and learning all the facets involved in the delivery of patient care, under the direction of nursing and medical staff has provided me with even more confirmation that this is the direction for me.

“It’s been exciting to get the chance to work alongside the experienced and positive Tuggerah Lakes Private Staff and learn in its state-of-the-art facilities.”

Evan also coincidentally happens to be fulfilling the very position that his own father took on when starting his health care career at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital more than 21 years ago.

According to Evan’s father, Andrew Mereau, who is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital, he couldn’t be prouder of his son’s ambitions and plans.

“I’ve had an incredibly varied and enjoyable career which has led me to where I am today including the last 14 years with Healthe Care,” Mr Mereau said.

“I’m particularly proud that my son isn’t shying away from the hard work that is required to get your start in the medical profession.

“It is incredibly satisfying to see Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital to be place for supporting and growing the next generation of innovative health professionals and to know my son will be one of these.”